20 Types Of Magnolia Trees & How To Plant Care For Them

20 Types of Magnolia Trees & How to Plant Care for Them

Magnolias are elegant and showy flowering plant species with many varieties and species that we associate with warm climate, like in the Southern states but deciduous varieties can be grown in almost any region of the U.S. The fragrance of their blooms is loved worldwide: magnolia flowers look like tropical cupped …

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Locust Trees 9 Best Varieties With Picture & Identification Guide

Locust Trees: 9 Best Varieties With Picture & Identification Guide

Natives to North America, locust trees are a hardy and fast-growing flowering plant belong to the Fabaceae family. And you can easily identify a locust tree with beautiful, lace-like pinnate (or compound) leaves that fall like grapes from long branches, then drooping plumes (racemes) of white, often sweetly scented white flowers, that …

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