How To Plan, Grow And Care For Peperomia Indoors

How to Plan, Grow and Care for Peperomia Indoors

Peperomia is a genus of tropical plants with beautiful ornamental foliage. As houseplants, they are known for their thick stems, succulent-like leaves, and easy-to-care for qualities. These plants can come in a wide variety of interesting growth forms. Their glossy leaves can come in all shapes and sizes, with a …

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Types Of Peperomia Plants

Types Of Peperomia: 15 Recommended Varieties To Grow Indoors

Peperomia plants are an extremely common tropical houseplant known for their thick stems, fleshy leaves, and lovely ornamental foliage. However, their growth form can vary widely from species to species. Some smaller peperomia varieties can have thick leaves that resemble a succulent, while others can have striped leaves, heart-shaped leaves, …

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