Hydroponic Lettuce Grow Guide (1)

How To Grow Hydroponic Lettuce Easily

Hydroponics and lettuce is a match made in heaven. If you want to grow your greens leaves at home or in your back garden, if you choose hydroponics you will have a better yield than if you grow lettuce in the soil, you will reduce the risk of pests, and …

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13 Best Fish Species Suitable for Aquaponics System

It’s fair to say fish make up half of aquaponics. Fish waste feeds the plants and the plants replenish the water making it clean for the fish. The cycle continues and both plants and fish are harvestable within a few weeks or months. So it goes without saying, selecting the …

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Hydroponic Herbs

10 Of The Best Herbs For Growing In Hydroponic

Herbs are one of the most rewarding crops and most are also easy to grow.  But hold on, you don’t have a garden nor any soil! So, what’s the answer? Now even you can do it! How, simple: with hydroponics. Herbs are particularly suited for hydroponic gardening: they are often …

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