Debra Rev is a garden writer with 20 years of experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years of experience working in nurseries.


  • 17+ years experience writing about landscaping
  • 10+ years experience in the nursery business, working closely with a large variety of plants
  • Published over 750 articles on The Spruce
  • Former writer for the Arbor Day Foundation and former quality control employee at The Wall Street Journal


David has 20 years of experience writing about landscaping for Spruce. He has also written for Our Vintage Garden and was a regular contributor to Do! (2003-2006), the home and garden magazine published by Highbury House. As a plant photographer, he has amassed a collection of photographs from private residences, public parks, and botanical gardens across North America. His photography (plant and landscaping subject matter) has appeared in publications such as Science magazine and Adirondack Explorer magazine.

He has been interviewed by numerous newspapers and national U.S. magazines, such as Woman’s World and American Way, as well as by the Canadian magazine, Downhome. David has appeared on “Ask Andrea,” the nationally syndicated radio show for do-it-yourself home and garden enthusiasts.

David began working in the nursery business after college. Raising plant stock professionally and selling in retail deepened his understanding of horticulture, sensitized him to the needs of the gardening public, and put him in touch with leaders of the green industry.