20 Types Of Magnolia Trees & How To Plant Care For Them

20 Types of Magnolia Trees & How to Plant Care for Them

Magnolias are elegant and showy flowering plant species with many varieties and species that we associate with warm climate, like in the Southern states but deciduous varieties can be grown in almost any region of the U.S. The fragrance of their blooms is loved worldwide: magnolia flowers look like tropical cupped …

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15 Easy-To-Grow Herbs That Grow Well In The Shade

15 Easy-To-Grow Herbs That Actually Thrive In The Shade

Although most popular garden herbs need full sun and heat to thrive, there are a number of underrated shade tolerant herbs that will grow in those shady spots in your garden that doesn’t get more than 3 or 4 hours of sun daily. Herbs that can handle partial shade are …

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How To Harden Off Tender Plants And Why It's Important!

How to Harden Off Tender Plants and Why it’s Important!

So you have successfully started your seeds indoors, or have purchased seedlings from an indoor nursery, and now before you transplant them you might be wondering what steps you need to take to harden them off and ensure they thrive in their new home. Hardening off seedlings doesn’t have to …

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